Need a little help with attendance?

IN to WIN is a game you can play in assembly once a week.

The only way you can WIN is to be IN everyday.


  • I visit your school to take a photograph of every child (about 10 minutes per class)

  • I can provide Fancy Dress hats, wigs and glasses for the photographs (optional) since Covid we have been doing 'Make a Funny Face and be IN to WIN'

  • You get your IN to WIN game and all the portraits ( some schools like to use them for displays and on their websites ) 


Ofsted Reports 

Heathmere Primary School 

School leaders make good use of innovative approaches, such as the Friday ‘In to Win’ time, which rewards good attendance each week. Pupils say this is great fun and really makes them want to come to school every day. 


Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit 

The school takes robust action with families whose children are persistently absent. Pupils respond well to awards for good attendance, for example the ‘In To Win’ strategy and, as a result, attendance has improved over time and is now average.


Fulham Primary School

Attendance has improved considerably since the last inspection and is now above average……………... as well as more imaginative strategies such as the ‘ IN to WIN’ game.